Solano Company Secures $ 200,000 Grant to Provide Covid Mobile Testing

Funding makes sites available for the next 6 months

FAIRFIELD – Local business received $ 200,000 grant to conduct on-demand Covid-19 mobile testing in Solano County just days after indoor mask warrant was put in place state to slow the spread of the disease.

BrandGOV, a public awareness company, has partnered with the California Department of Public Health and will lead the rapid response program over the next six months. Uptime tests begin Monday.

The program will operate under BrandGOV’s awareness initiative, Empower Solano, and will focus on the needs of hard-to-reach, low-income and homeless communities of color.

“The readily available and convenient on-site testing couldn’t come at a better time,” K. Patrice Williams, CEO of BrandGOV and Executive Director of Empower Solano, said in a press release. “There may be a winter surge in Covid cases. Identifying cases quickly and getting people the help they need will be essential in controlling and stopping the virus in our community. “

The announcement of the grant and the local mobile testing initiative comes as the omicron variant continues its march across the country. The rapidly spreading variant of the coronavirus was first identified in South Africa and was designated a variant of concern on November 26. Health officials confirmed on December 1 that the first U.S. case of a person infected with the omicron variant was discovered in San Francisco in an airline passenger returning to the United States from South Africa.

The variant on Sunday had been detected in 44 states as well as in the nation’s capital and Puerto Rico. A statewide indoor mask warrant was put in place on Wednesday to slow the spread of the virus, regardless of the type of variant.

Two test events are planned before the Christmas holidays in Vallejo, one from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Monday at the Apostolic Church of Temple Emmanuel, 900 6th St., the other from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday at the Food is Free booth. Solano at the Solano County Fairgrounds, 600 Fairgrounds Drive. Both are open to the general public. No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcome.

Future testing sites are expected to include grocery stores, churches, laundromats, low-income apartment complexes, halfway houses, homeless shelters, businesses and special events hosted by community organizations and civic, among others.

“We will show up wherever there is an opportunity and a need,” Williams said in the press release.

To schedule a test event, send an email to [email protected] or call 707-474-8777.

The mobile testing effort is the latest in a series of awareness, health and public safety programs that BrandGOV has created or participated in during the pandemic. The company founded Empower Solano in March 2020 and has since worked with community and civic groups to conduct various public education campaigns, including encouraging mask wear and Covid-19 vaccinations; promote secure participation in county and state elections and the US census; and demonstrate ways to prepare for natural disasters.

“The state has been impressed with the local work we have done over the past two years and the community trust we have built with the success of our projects,” Williams said in the press release.

The company’s past outreach initiatives have led to in-person or virtual interactions with more than 100,000 Solano County residents.

The California Department of Public Health funds were awarded under the auspices of BrandGOV’s fiscal sponsor, Match2Hire, a non-profit organization specializing in employment assistance. To learn more about the work Empower Solano does and how to get involved, visit


The delta variant of the virus, currently dominant in the United States, is also highly transmissible, with indications that asymptomatic individuals can transmit the virus to others. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that unvaccinated people who contract the delta variant of the virus are much more likely to require hospitalization and die from the disease than those who are vaccinated. The CDC and other health officials have reported that current Covid-19 vaccines lose their effectiveness over time against the omicron variant, but regain much of the effectiveness lost with booster shots. They recommend that unvaccinated people get the vaccine immediately and that those who have been vaccinated get the vaccine once they are eligible.

Most people with Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, only have mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. Some people, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, suffer from more serious illnesses such as pneumonia.


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Barbara M. Stokes