Moving Forward: The Bloom Company | News

The Bloom Company has previously been featured in Mayfield Messenger, the Paducah Sun’s sister newspaper, for its efforts to spread Christmas cheer throughout the community with the “Poinsettia Project,” where community members choose to sponsor a poinsettia for a resident of one of the local retirement homes.

The story focused on The Bloom Company was scheduled to deliver in the Messenger Weekend Edition on December 11-12. The journal was published and some received it and some did not because of the tornado that swept through western Kentucky, destroying historic buildings, homes and killing several people.

One of the destroyed buildings housed The Bloom Company in Mayfield.

At around 2 a.m. on December 11, The Bloom Company posted on its Facebook page: “Although we are devastated by the total loss of our building and property, we are grateful to be safe and healthy. . We thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our community during this time. “

“My mind immediately turned to all the memories we had created in the building. The happy times at weddings, the sad times at funeral flowers and all the memorable moments in between. We had a lot of laughs in this old brick building, which was one of my favorite aspects of the day there, ”said Kyler Danowski, owner of The Bloom Company. “We were devastated. It still really looks like a bad dream – reality hasn’t really defined it, and I don’t think it will be until we reopen in the new space.

Like many, Danowski was faced with such grief, but also to understand the new reality.

“We were looking for a new space to reopen and I had posted a post on Facebook asking for suggestions for a space,” Danowski said. “Katie J’s owner Sherry saw the post and reached out with the idea of ​​working with our businesses.”

Katie J’s is located at 505 S. Sixth St., Mayfield, and has served the community for over 15 years. From now on, the locally known store will collaborate with a new renowned brand, The Bloom Company.

“Bloom will have a slightly different feel, as I was planning on changing my name shortly before the tornado. We will have a greater supply of houseplants and a greater assortment of locally grown flowers in season,” he said. Danowski said. “We still plan to carry some of our community’s favorite brands: Milkhouse Candles, Carson Wind Chimes, Hammond Candy Bars, KY Hot Mix and Duke Cannon Men’s Supply.”

Even with the excitement of finding a new home for his business, The Bloom Company has lost everything.

Right: The only Christmas ornament found under the rubble of The Bloom Company in Mayfield is shown.

“A dear friend of mine has set up a GoFundMe, which will be used directly to purchase new floral equipment such as a cooler, buckets, tools, etc.,” Danowski said. “We will also be working to fill our new space with plants and a variety of mourning gifts. “

“Our support from the community has been truly amazing. The response to our Facebook post about our new location received so much attention – it’s a blessing for so many to be excited and to be grounded for us. Everyone consistently offers to help in any way they can, ”Danowski said.

As Bloom’s crew begins to prepare their space and replenish what they can, Danowski shares some advice.

“Never take things for granted that you think you always have. I never imagined our business would collapse in the blink of an eye, ”Danowski said.

The Bloom Company is closed temporarily, but is expected to reopen in mid-January.

“Bloom will be back and bigger than we ever imagined. I will be going back to weekly concerts, where we will design floral arrangements and wreaths of fresh flowers,” Danowski said. “We will continue with gifts and fun workshops throughout the year. Bloom’s mission will continue to be “Make people feel loved today.”

Barbara M. Stokes