Man says COVID-19 testing company failed to deliver – NBC 6 South Florida

During the Christmas holidays, Steve Winawer needed a COVID-19 PCR test to travel to Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Rico’s requirements for arrival have now added that you must have a negative PCR test within 48 hours of arrival,” Winawer said.

“It was a big risk that I was going to show up on the island without the test being completed,” he said.

With long lines at COVID-19 testing sites and few other options while on vacation, he chose to make an appointment with a company named BeeperMD. The company’s website announces free emergency home care tests for COVID-19.

“They said, yes we have a service in your area and can come on Sunday morning,” Winawer said.

He made the reservation and paid $ 298 online.

On the day of the meeting, he said the company did not show up.

“There was no response, no callback, no contact, nothing, so now we’re getting very nervous,” Winawer said.

He’s not the only person to say the company didn’t show up for the dates.

NBC 6 Responds discovered that the Florida attorney general’s office received six complaints related to BeeperMD. One customer wrote in a complaint: “Billed for home Covid tests that never took place. The customer service number is a loop, no answer.

In another complaint, one person wrote, “I downloaded my driver’s license, my Medicare card, and my Tricare card. I waited 2 hours for them to show up to take my Covid-19 test and they never did. “

The Better Business Bureau said it received 17 complaints about the company in the last two weeks of 2021.

BeeperMD’s Eddie Mady admits the company has missed appointments and struggled to meet growing demand for in-home COVID testing.

“These problems came quickly and furiously and no one really anticipated them,” Mady said.

He said the company is making changes such as creating COVID pop-up sites, limiting the number of appointments, and paying customers only after service is complete.

“Availability is limited and we’ve been working around the clock to try and harden our systems to give feedback on what’s available and what isn’t and what to expect,” Mady said.

The company is working on reimbursing all customers who did not receive the service they paid for, Mady said. So far, the company has reimbursed more than $ 100,000 to its customers.

Winawer was able to take a test elsewhere for his trip and get his money back after disputing the debit with his bank.

“If you are relying on this unknown amount, check to make sure that you really feel comfortable that they are going to deliver what you are relying on them for,” Winawer said.

Barbara M. Stokes