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Absolutely no consequence

Speaking as a proud libertarian, California-native son now living in exile in Colorado, Denver’s desire to let the reckless truck driver off the hook is no different than San Francisco’s leaving the illegal alien off the hook for having murdered Kate Steinle, Portland or Seattle with her eyes closed on the “demonstrators”, the arsonists and the looters.

And what is the common denominator? Absolutely no consequence!

All in all, whatever the illustration or manifestation, it is simply the left’s greedy willingness to rationalize evil, whatever its variety of days, according to its agenda, under the guise of a altruistic goal.

Would it be too proactive to consider just one fundamental question? Who’s the problem?

Do victims have a problem? Oh damn, yes!

Do abusers have a problem? No, unless we hold them accountable for their actions.

Besides the required crocodile tears and obligatory sympathetic lamentations, what exactly are the “awakened” leaders of these strongholds of enlightenment and tolerance doing about it? Moan, whine, tolerate, tolerate, excuse, rationalize, encourage, etc. ?

And what does the left demand for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and George Floyd? Result? Like George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson and Derek Chauvin held accountable for his actions? Oh damn, yes!

Can you say double standard? Can you say hypocrites?

Who’s the problem?

Gordon carleton

West Pueblo

Truck driver and company at fault

I think truck driver Rogel Aquilera Mederos should get 110 years in prison. The people he killed had no respite or could not get away from what Mederos did that day. I also think the company that hired him to drive that truck is at fault as well.

Mederos obviously had no or very little experience driving a large truck in the mountains. The only reason this state does all the publicity is where it came from. He doesn’t speak English, so this state will do everything possible to help him get away with less time in prison.

Doug evans

Colorado springs

Things are not all black and white

A recent editorial highlighted a study by Stephen Levitt saying that one of the main causes of the reduction in crime during the 1990s was the increase in the number of police officers on the streets, noting that notions of “funding the police” played a role in the increase in crime during the 1990s. the last few months. However, the editorial did not address the additional point made by Levitt that the main reason for the reduction in crime during the 1990s was that with Roe v. Wade allowing abortions after 1973, a generation of potential criminals was simply not born.

Conservative states today combine anti-abortion measures with contradictory and damaging policies to limit birth control and funding for children’s services. Meanwhile, “abortion tourism” of the wealthy and middle class to states like Colorado from Texas has exploded since that state adopted draconian abortion measures. If poor women who would otherwise have abortions left their babies in fire stations, would social conservatives step up and adopt them all? People like things to be black or white, and that clearly isn’t always the case.


Colorado springs

We don’t need ‘Chicken Littles’

The December 18 editorial on Democrat hysteria over climate change and tornadoes was what citizens need common sense – facts rather than emotions.

Some examples :

1. F3 + tornadoes (the most damaging) have decreased by about 50% since 1954. From 1954 to 1985, the percentage of F3 + tornadoes was 55.9. From 1986 to 2018, the percentage of F3 + tornadoes was 33.8 by Roy Spencer, scientist and climatologist and principal investigator at NASA.

2. Michael Mann’s so-called hockey stick theory of rapid global warming has been proven to be a fraud on several occasions. He declined to reveal his graphing algorithm and data points for peer reviews. I wonder what he’s hiding?

3. A true environmentalist would argue for nuclear energy. It is safe, durable and emits no greenhouse gases. A small uranium pellet has as much energy as 130 barrels of oil or 1 ton of coal, according to the Department of Energy. And the waste generated over the past 60 years would fill a football field less than 10 meters high.

Dear readers, let the facts determine our way forward; God gave us this planet and we are to be good stewards, not “little chickens”!

Bill Crow

Larks foot

Barbara M. Stokes