Guillorys opens an equipment company in the midst of an infrastructure boom

The Current published the results of an investigation into a company that President-Mayor Josh Guillory and his wife, Jamie Guillory, started last year amid millions spent on infrastructure projects.

Here is how the story begins:

In July 2021, Mayor-President Josh Guillory rolled out a big spending plan with his upcoming budget. Armed with $86 million in federal coronavirus aid and record local tax revenue, he proposed a massive investment plan that would generate millions of cubic yards of land, combining a historic influx of federal, state and local.

A month later, he and his wife formed an equipment supply company, later removing their names from its public records.

The company, WM&N Supplies and Machinery, is little more than a website, a phone number and a closet-sized office with just one employee. He has no equipment and no longer has any apparent public connection to Josh and Jamie Guillory.

Nor is it the only company associated with the Guillorys. Since taking office in 2020, the mayor-president has been eager to add income to his $122,000 public salary. He caught the heat to incorporate a family law practice the month following his election and quickly shut it down. Since then, he has earned at least $15,800 teaching as an adjunct professor at UL.

While not illegal on its face, the company’s creation, timed as LCG fuels a local construction boom, creates a minefield of potential conflict. State ethics laws prohibit public officials from doing business with companies that have or are seeking work with the agencies they represent.

To read the rest of the story, with all the details uncovered by The Current’s investigation, Click here.

Barbara M. Stokes