Coronado Brewing Company Launches Organic Cider

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – The Coronado Brewing Company is embarking on a new, healthier option for people to drink. And that doesn’t involve any brewing.

In December, they launched a line of USDA certified organic ciders. The company claims to be the first brewery in California to offer canned cider with this certification.

“We saw this as a very unique opportunity,” says chief brewer Mark Theisen. “We know a lot of people are looking for products that are low in sugar, low in calories, and set them apart from your standard alcoholic beverage.”

They offer two flavors. “Nice and Dry” is apple cider. “Super Fruit” adds blueberries and acai berries to the mix.

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Theisen says he had to learn an entirely different process to make them.

“Making cider is a lot more like winemaking than making beer,” he says.

The brewery has also invested in new systems to ensure the product meets strict USDA certification guidelines.

“All of the different elements should be traceable with documentation,” says Deanna Boyce, Quality Control Manager at Coronado Brewing. “You have to have a certified organic farmer. The apples have to go to a certified organic press, and then this organic apple juice comes to us. “

The company must also submit to annual inspections to ensure that its installation meets all the rules.

Coronado Brewing also purchased a pasteurization kettle. Each box goes through pasteurization to stay fresh on the shelf for up to a year.

“Because we’re organic, we can’t use sulfites or other preservatives,” Theisen explains. “So this is our way of making sure that there is no microbial growth and no secondary fermentation in the cans.”

All of this adds to the cost. A pack of 4 cans costs $ 14. Theisen says cider is only 1% of their inventory, which helps spread the extra expense across the entire company. This allows the brewery to keep the price of the cider reasonable.

It sells for $ 14 for a pack of 4 cans in their brewery.

As for capital spending, Theisen says it will pay off in the long run. The company saw organic cider as a way to diversify its brand without taking too many risks.

“Cider is one of America’s oldest alcoholic beverages. The founding fathers made it, ”he says. “And it’s been growing steadily. You don’t see a lot of dips or spikes.”

Recent data shows that organic food sales have quadrupled in the past 15 years. Theisen says the more popular it becomes, the more people will want to make sure that what they drink is as clean as what they eat. Being the first to bring this product to grocery and liquor stores gives Coronado Brewing a head start.

“The end product is a very simple and very clean cider,” he says.

The company currently brings in one organic juice tanker per month. That’s 1,700 cases (40,800 cans) of cider. They plan to expand in the spring and summer as demand increases.

Cider is available at their breweries and in several grocery stores across the state.

Barbara M. Stokes